And tonight, a nation grieves.

The past few days have been emotional for me.

First, on finding out that an earthquake struck Sabah. The very place we were at exactly a week ago. We were thankful and blessed that we were back safe in our lil’ country.  However, at the same time, I felt a certain kind of pain for the people of Sabah, the wonderful and warm Sabahans. I grew fond of that place even though we were there only for a few days. It’s mostly coz of the people. We love them. They are so jolly and smiley all the time.

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Sabah – Day 1 Part 1


So for day 1, we woke up at 630am and were out of our supercantik room by 715am (yuppp. on a holiday warghhhh! Day 2 was worse!wait for that!) so that we can go down for breakfast before meeting our guide at 8am and starting the day activities.

The breakfast buffet was cray-cray seriously! Fauzie stuffed himself on the first day and not surprisingly, his portion lessen subsequently over the days. HAHAAA!


Here’s us looking all full at breakfast.

Anyway, first stop was to Kinabalu National Park…

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Sabah – The two S-s; Silkair & Shangri-La.

So Sabah was an impromptu trip. It was decided and confirmed within a week. We didn’t have time to research the itinenary but we were  sooo very lucky to have Sabah Tourism board to help us out with that.

Right, so last Friday, we went lor. And actually am still here. it’s our last night booohooo! And ohh, by the way, all the guesses on my instagram post were so cute! I asked people to guess which country am I going to and my clue was that it will take about 2 and half hours to reach my destination by plane. And my fav answer was Cameron Highlands! SO CUTE RIGHT. hahhaah. Thanks for layan-ing me! xx

Anyway, it was my virgin SilkAir flight ..

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