Cement Screeding Process FAIL

Actually right,

Throughout the whole reno process, the one thing that got me really pissed off up till now is the dang cement screeding.

Because of Jason’s shitty work, my poor vinyl had to be changed 3 times (the vinyl people was very kind to come down and change it 3 bloody time because of the cement screeding what did you do with my floooring ah Jason?!) And already, want to get through to him also super difficult. ( But when asking for money, cepat pulak reply. pffffft)

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Updates! – Cement Screeding appointment done!

A quick update!

So, we collected our keys on the 13th and submitted our cement screed application/appeal at the HDB – Bedok Branch.  (I told the nice lady in charge of our case to expedite our case, if possible, Coz’ wanna beat the CNY timeline haaah!) She gave disclaimer lor when we submitted it. The application might take 3-4 weeks! NOOOOOO…

And on Tuesday, 19th Dec, she called back and gave me the number of HDB’s appointed contractor for cement screeding. Didn’t want to jump for joy yet coz’ skali contractor say can only do in Feb then jialat. I’ve also heard of people who have had to wait 1-2 months to get an appointment! *gasps*

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So on the same day (which was also yesterday aahahaha), we went to our new house to check for defects. We wanted to get that outta the way so we can start our reno ASAP.  Remember ah, this defect checking is from my own experience ah. Some people may check it more thoroughly than others! 🙂

But first, before we went over to our house, me and Fausie stopped by HDB Bedok Branch to submit our application to appeal for cement screeding from HDB.

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So after 5(?!) long years of waiting, we finally collected our danggggg keys yay!

So me being me, I ig-storied every thing hahhaa and I have a few DMs on what we need to do on the day itself. Since I didn’t want to copy paste to reply everybody, I decided to just write everything down here. (Actually got a few blogs who wrote about this but since you all like my nonsensical writing style, i’ll do it ahahahhaha! 😛 ) This one from my experience horrr.

This is gonna be a long post coz’ im gonna be very detailed. 😀

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