Cement Screeding Process FAIL

Actually right,

Throughout the whole reno process, the one thing that got me really pissed off up till now is the dang cement screeding.

Because of Jason’s shitty work, my poor vinyl had to be changed 3 times (the vinyl people was very kind to come down and change it 3 bloody time because of the cement screeding what did you do with my floooring ah Jason?!) And already, want to get through to him also super difficult. ( But when asking for money, cepat pulak reply. pffffft)

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

u see lah. you will get angry also right. This one the first time they changed i think.

Reason? Upon installation, the vinyl kept popping up where they did the levelling. The vinyl looks mighty fine in the kitchen where we already had tiles. But the rest of the house ar, I dubbed it the Henderson waves of love. (dont ask me why ahahaha)

Anyway, so angry sia. After the third time, we just decided to accept our cruel fate and leave it as it is. We also don’t want to waste everybody’s time.

I called HDB after that to feedback about Jason. Apparently, they stopped using him as a contractor but alot of other people were still using him lor because they engaged him a few months  back. There were a few complaints about him as well in our FB group page.

But anyway, I got no concrete … (hahha how fitting hahahhaha i am funny right. pfffft) advice for you at this point of time butttttt if you decide to do cement screed, just make sure your ID and contractor work closely together to see that everything is going as planned.  This one my ID also cannot tahan, wanna call also neh pick up. He has to re-schedule so many things because Jason MIA laaaaah.

Please take Jason at your own risk. You have been warned.

Screenshots below for your kind perusal. Got more but I lazy to edit out the names. heh


see lah. how not to get angry. 

I still love you my uneven floors. . but sorry I have to cover most of you up with carpets.

Anybody else got this problem not?!

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