Hey guys,

I’m back. Oh damn.   I just realised that I last blogged in erm..January! Omgawd. Hahaha. That’s a long break. I think it was the CNY break that broke the momentum. hee. and I kept procrastinating  and then i just got malas. and then very sianness of the worlds unites.

Why? Because you know ah, I am not endorsed by anything/anyone with regards to #FLNHOME  and I always write about my experiences because I thought it could help you guys out. When I was getting my house, I tried to get info by googling some blogs as well and I found it super useful so I thought I could do the same and  that is to share what I know.

No doubt, some of you were super nice in asking me about my house, where I bought my furnitures, where i bought my stuff, my carpet, my candles and etc and I always try to answer to the best of my knowledge, or if I have the time. But righttttttt, it got too much for me when I received DM’s which are actually, not nice. AT ALL.

For examples (these are real life examples by the way i am not kidding you) :

Eh, where you buy?” – EH?! I am not your friend leh. Even my friends also say hello to me before asking me something.

“Ni from where ah”
“dari mana”
“apa ni kat maner”
Where is this from” – No hello, no punctuation marks… sigh.

you buy this from where, i keep finding don’t have!?” – No wonder you’ve been searching so long for this. Maybe if you said please, you will find it sooner.

how much?” – Dunno lahhh how much.

And then I have the disappearing people. Sometimes I write a lengthy response, very detailed ones, to only get the SEEN (similar to kena blue-ticked ah ahahha) or if I’m lucky, the thumbs up. Is that like the new thank you or something guys? Maybe I am not getting with this new trend of thank yous.

Andddd then also hor, i have the people who blame me for their spoilt things. HUH.

For example, I ordered the velvet hanger (which is seriously very good btw! Mine is black and fausie’s grey because we don’t wanna argue about whose hangers issit lying around ahhaha. you see it berserak and you know who’s to blame simple right hahahahah) and uploaded it on my IGstories. Naturally, people started asking and I told them lah coz sharing is caring right, even though i kena “seen” again ahahhaah apalah nasib.

A few weeks later, I got angry DMs (actually 2 aje lah ahahaha) bashing me for recommending them cheap hangers which tercabut once they tried to hang their clothes. double huh.

Firstly, I only shared what I  buy and like and so far all my hangers super duper awesome tau.
And secondly, I did not force you to buy so why are you blaming me for your faulty hangers (actually, what you all hang ah until tercabutttt oneeeee..) and not your sellers? Sis sad you know. 
And thirdly, I share because I truly love the product. I am not paid to talk about it. so yea, sis stressed sekejap. Why u all treat sis like this… sobsssss.

And lastly, why you all attack my ID lehh.. He came back to me and said that some people  (and not even his clients!) actually messaged to ask where I got my dresser (i’ll explain why I won’t share the contact in a bit!) and of course lah, he said he didn’t know because it wasn’t him who ordered lor. And when he replied like that, some people really legit said.. “alah, benda macam tu pun nak lokek.. mentang2 artist..” HUH. APE LINK DIAAAA NI SIGHS. Sis sedih part 2 tauuuu.

Ok now, about my dresser. The reason why I refused to share the contact of my vanity table is because of the following;

  • It took a bloody 3 months to sampai.
  • Communication was very hard with the seller. He is like biskot you know. Sekejap ader, sekejap takder.
  • He is super rude, and simple questions like, “May I know what is the ETA..” would flare him up. He would say, ” why you so kanchiong, i already told you I will tell you when it has reached right” And this is after one month of silence.
  • He would want full payment first, if not he won’t process your order because that’s just how he rolls babbbbyyyy.
  • He won’t give you lead time to be at home lor. If in the morning, the dresser sampai, morning tu jugak you have to be at home. Luckily Fausie was at home when it arrived, delivered by 2 blur guys who basically don’t know anything. So you pandai2 lor ask your boss for leave.
  • And to save cost to call a proper carpenter or whoever is skilled enough to fix it, he will fix it himself and you will have to wait 6 hours for it. He will blame the light, the screws, the material for his incompetence. He also blamed me cos’ i very kanchiong and keep messaging him. (Ya, he told fausie while he was fixing the dresser *roll eyes*)

So basically, how to recommend this person to you guys ah? I share about my hangers already, i kena. No doubt this is a pretty dresser, but I tell you, the stress is  not worth it. hahhaaaaa.

But anyway, sorry for my rants lah. Sis tengah emosi ah. I am still very happy to share about my experiences though. Some people email me straight and I try my best to help, insha’allah. I am usually very happy-go-lucky and it will take alot (actually, the lack of basic manners hahahaha) to make me angry.

But a biggg thank you to all of you who have always been so nice and polite and sweet and always making me feel so appreciated. You guys are the sweetest and I super sayang you guys, except those who said i sombong never answer your msgs pffff

ok dah.

Peace Out.

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