Cement Screeding Process FAIL

Actually right,

Throughout the whole reno process, the one thing that got me really pissed off up till now is the dang cement screeding.

Because of Jason’s shitty work, my poor vinyl had to be changed 3 times (the vinyl people was very kind to come down and change it 3 bloody time because of the cement screeding what did you do with my floooring ah Jason?!) And already, want to get through to him also super difficult. ( But when asking for money, cepat pulak reply. pffffft)

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Hey guys,

I’m back. Oh damn.   I just realised that I last blogged in erm..January! Omgawd. Hahaha. That’s a long break. I think it was the CNY break that broke the momentum. hee. and I kept procrastinating  and then i just got malas. and then very sianness of the worlds unites.

Why? Because you know ah, I am not endorsed by anything/anyone with regards to #FLNHOME  and I always write about my experiences because I thought it could help you guys out. When I was getting my house, I tried to get info by googling some blogs as well and I found it super useful so I thought I could do the same and  that is to share what I know.

No doubt, some of you were super nice in asking me about my house, where I bought my furnitures, where i bought my stuff, my carpet, my candles and etc and I always try to answer to the best of my knowledge, or if I have the time. But righttttttt, it got too much for me when I received DM’s which are actually, not nice. AT ALL.

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