It’s Hacking Time!

As you know, the BTO flats nowadays are not very big. *sobs* .. so we thought we wanted to play cheat abit and make our house more spacious  by hacking certain areas.

Discussed it with Shafee and the first thing he asked to see, was our floor plan. There are certain structural walls that can’t be hacked so we had to work around the restrictions lor. Le sigh.


The walls marked with a bold black line are structural walls so we can’t do anything to it. We hacked the walls with the red lines.

Inspiration :

Tooo prettay right!

Images from :

When we finally got our keys, one of the first things that Shafee did was to apply for a demolition/HDB hacking permit. All the paperwork was done by Shafee so we didn’t have to bother with it. (Apparently must engage a professional engineer for civil or structural works to inspect and supervise the demolition works or something like that. Like I said, Shafee settled everything so please ask your ID!)


Kitchen – View from my living room


Walk in wardrobe – View from my Master Bedroom


Then they removed my common room door and then sealed it up! Hee.
my beaaayooootiful mess. 
Thank you Bhaiyaaa! (Pandai posing, siapaaaa ajaaar niiii!)

Hacking, settled! Honestly, looking at the hacked walls, I didn’t regret it one bit. Quite excited to see how my walk-in wardrobe will turn out.

And I kinda like the idea of being able to see my husbang when I’m cooking in the kitchen. (Coz i’m the biggest scaredy-cat around ahhahaha)

Looking forward weeee!

And nowww, erm.. what ah? Must ask husband liaoz. ahahah.


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