Cement Screeding, done!

As per my last post, the cement screeding appointment was set for 4-6th Jan. Called the lady from the HDB Bedok Branch that I’ve been liaising with and she advised us to call Jason (HDB appointed contractor) to confirm our dates.
So, as suggested, we called Jason a day prior to confirm the screeding. He didn’t pick up so the next best thing was to just message him and hope for the best. Apparently, he doesn’t like to pick up calls. Sigh. ( This Jason is really a character. Headacheee and unneccessary stress ah with him!)

Anyways, we went down to the unit to check on some stuff ( toilet is 80% doneeee weeee!) and we saw the cement bags all over the house. Seeing that was a relief lor. There was a Bhaiya there and he said that the whole process can be completed in one day. Ok, you say one ahhh… we believe you ah, Bhaiya!

However, 4th came and went but nothing happened. 😦 So apparently,  they gave us 3 dates right? We found out that they can actually start on any of these 3 dates.., and not the 3 days are needed to complete errthing. orhh, ok lor.

On the 5th, cement screeding finally started and from the outside, it looked quite good. (Cannot go in lahh!) Now, HDB will only provide screeding till up to 40mm and we will need to pay extra, as mentioned in my previous post, to top up the rest of the 10mm because we needed the floor to be leveled with the kitchen floor. Msged Jason to confirm, and he said ok,ok,ok. (If message, he will reply. haha!)

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Went back to check the next day and we saw this.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

We needed the floor to be leveled with the kitchen floor but this one still got so much height left. Haiz. Called Jason again. No answer. So voice note it was. He apologised and said he will touch up by the weekend. The rest of the rooms were fine though. I went around the house to check for bumps and humps!

HAHA! Sorry if you had a headache watching this. I was just going around the house! Lolz!

Didn’t check on Sunday because of obvious reasons. Went back on Monday and saw it was already touched up but IT STILL WASN’T LEVELED. WHY JASON WHYYYY?! All the other reno works had to be pushed back ahmahgawddd. And getting him on the phone was NOT the easiest thing to dooooooo! He sent Bhaiya to touch up at around 5pm and Bhaiya did it while we were in one of the rooms discussing carpentry measurements (yayyyyy to this oneee tho!) but Bhaiyaaaaaa ahhh, how to go out?! Another face-palm moment.

We practically had to jump over the wet cement. *DEEEEEP BREATHSSSSS* Jason did come to check and apologised to us lar. He also called Fauzie back to assure that he will touch up properly.

The next day, Fauzie went over AGAIN (i tell youuuu we’re so luckyyyyyyy our new house is nearby!) and then .. this. *face-palms x 2)

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset Husbang angry liaoz.

Seeee, now you see why I’m so stressed. HAHAHA.

But just now, Fausie went over and apparently it’s better so yalor.

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetProcessed with VSCO with a8 presetProcessed with VSCO with a8 preset

I still want to strangle Jason lor. Wasted 3 whole days of our reno works! GRRRR! 😦 But I am still very thankful for the progress of the house. Everybody is working so hard! And very grateful also lah, we got an early appointment to do screeding. Some people had to wait for months! 🙂 Thanks Mr. Jason, altho’ you gave us constant headaches!

Timeline –

19th Dec – Jason arranged our appointment to be on 4,5,6th of Jan.
5th Jan – Cement screeding started
6th Jan – Checked and floor wasn’t leveled as per what we wanted. Called Jason for him to touch up.
7th Jan – Didn’t check though’ he promised he would finish over the weekend. Sunday lor,people also need to rest. 🙂
8th Jan – Touched up but still wasn’t leveled. Called/msged Jason again, and he sent Bhaiya down at 5pm to touch up again.
9th Jan – Cement was cracking. Called/msged Jason (seems to be a recurring sentence this one ahhaha!)
10th Jan – Jason sent photo, and Fausie went to check. ID also approved. Finally, settled! Phew.

Anyhoooos, please do call your contractor and remind them about the appointment a day prior. Go over often if you can, to check on the progress of the screeding. Walk around the house a few times to check for any humps and bumps so that there won’t be any problem when you need to lay your vinyl tiles later on. Soooo, our screeding, SETTLED!

And with this, reno works on #FLNHOME continues!

Edit : So my dear friend read this and gave me a pro-tip on how to check whether the contractor play cheat not. hahaha.

Apparently, it may seem fine when we feel it with our hands but he advised me to roll a marble. That’s it. Roll and marble and see if it.. well.. rolls. hahahah. If it rolls, means it’s annoyingly not leveled,yet. (Means, more of calling Jason?! NOOOOOOOOO!)

So that’s what I’m gonna do next. Just not tonight, because.. marbles, at night. Em, no thanks. O_0. Anyhoos, do tell me if you got any tips on how to check whether the contractor did a proper job or not. I can add it in! ❤

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