Updates! – Cement Screeding appointment done!

A quick update!

So, we collected our keys on the 13th and submitted our cement screed application/appeal at the HDB – Bedok Branch.  (I told the nice lady in charge of our case to expedite our case, if possible, Coz’ wanna beat the CNY timeline haaah!) She gave disclaimer lor when we submitted it. The application might take 3-4 weeks! NOOOOOO…

And on Tuesday, 19th Dec, she called back and gave me the number of HDB’s appointed contractor for cement screeding. Didn’t want to jump for joy yet coz’ skali contractor say can only do in Feb then jialat. I’ve also heard of people who have had to wait 1-2 months to get an appointment! *gasps*

Called Jason (the name of the contractor) and he arranged our screeding for first week of Jan! Weeehoo! And because we require top up of 10mm, we had to pay $900. We took it. Jadilah. If i got my ID to do it, it would be around 3k. (insane sia this amount!)



And today, we start the hacking process. FINALLYYY!

What and why are we hacking? Ok, that one another post! (plus our projected reno timeline and the materials we’re choosing ooooh so excites!)


For all you new BTO home-owners, please go check out GainCity BTO group buy event. I bought my air-con, fridge, hob+oven+stove and washer from there and got massive discounts! It doesn’t hurt to look around, that’s what we thought too. But skali, ter-beli hahaha. And oh, if you feel that “connection” with the salesman who’s bringing you around, just look for another one. (If still not happy, repeat cycle. :P) That was what happened to us. The first salesman looked and sounded super bored when he was talking to us and Fausie is the kind of person who needs a salesman who could convince him to buy. So luckily, we did find another nice chap. And ended buying all those stuff above.

But the savings were massive, so yea, give it a look. 😀

IMG-3557 (1).JPG


(not sponsor laaah, good things i share!)




6 thoughts on “Updates! – Cement Screeding appointment done!

  1. Widya says:


    May I ask how did u get the contractor contact? Our application is approved by HDB but since then no news from anybody.


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