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Took a walk around the what the media dubbed as ‘the biggest ever Carnival in Singapore’ this evening around Marina Bay.

Was quite surprised at the fairly small crowd despite the massive media coverage. I was expecting ArtBox CANNOT-BREATHE AHHHH-LEMME-OUTTA HERE kinda crowd. But, good for us wor! I like that we can walk around and enjoy the sight without having to jostle for space with other people haaah!

But again, this carnival will run for 4 months. Maybe they let the kiasu people like us go first heh.

Anyways, apparently the carnival is separated into 2 areas. Can’t find the info on the website tho’. Ah well.

And no, I didnt take any rides, because.. just no.

Especially the Mach 5. My stomach churned just by looking at it.😬🤢

Erm, no thanks.

Anyways, you guys asked for some details about the carnival.

You guys can check the link below for more;

Marina Bay Carnival

Mothership.Sg write-up.


At least believe the picture if you don’t believe me ahahahah.

But you do need to purchase a card to load credits to play games and go on rides.🖖

The rides costs around $6-$8 on average. ( I wouldnt know exactly hor , I neh go on it what. ;p)

And oh, if you’re a Prudential Policy holder or something, you can get a fast-track pass. Means no need Q for entrance and rides. Or something like that.

Again, please go here to find out more. I neh work for themmmmm. 😛

Food verdict – Quite ex ah. But then again, you’d expect this price at a carnival like this.

There are some Muslim-owned stalls like Word Cafe, Kreyv, Kastoshka. There’s even a stall selling Mee Siam and Mee Rebus.😂 Please go show them someeee lurvee! ❤

There are benches for you to sit and enjoy your food. 🙂 And people watch also hehehehe, and instgram your food also hehehhe. You get my drift.

Overall, I loved the whole feel of this carnival. The atmosphere was relaxed and there were quite a number of things to see and eat. And ride and play, of course hahahah.

Okays, I’m done! Enjoy yourself and have fun! ❤



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