So on the same day (which was also yesterday aahahaha), we went to our new house to check for defects. We wanted to get that outta the way so we can start our reno ASAP.  Remember ah, this defect checking is from my own experience ah. Some people may check it more thoroughly than others! 🙂

But first, before we went over to our house, me and Fausie stopped by HDB Bedok Branch to submit our application to appeal for cement screeding from HDB.

(What is cement screeding, you may ask. I also didn’t know at first. Every time Fausie and our reno ID discussed about this, I blanked out haahahhaha. Basically, the info I got from HardwareZone’s forum, one user says that “Cement screeding is done only if you opt to do vinyl/laminate flooring. Due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather, vinyl/laminate strips will have some form of wear and tear/warp over time especially if you do wet mopping. You cannot see the damage for the first few years.

If you intend to stay in your flat for many years do homogeneous tiles as it will last a lifetime. No maintenance needed unlike vinyl/laminate flooring. For tiling there is no need to do cement screeding. Your privately engaged ID/Renovator/Contractor will directly lay tiles over the pre packed cement at one go and flush the height uniformly with kitchen tile height.“)


They will give you this form to fill in. Faster than sending email. Just go to your town council in person!

So yea, since we’re opting for vinyl flooring, must do lor. If get our own contractor to do, the cost can be up to 3k WHAAAT. Some people didn’t know can ask HDB to do and they had to fork out $$$ to do it themselves. So we went down and talk to the nice ladies overr at Bedok Branch and explained that we would like HDB to do cement screeding because we’re using vinyl flooring and submitted an appeal because it was more faster than sending emails. Now just have to wait for them to contact us!

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Hellloooooooo house! ❤

Ok, like i mentioned, I’ve read so many blogs where they came armed with so many tools to check defects. Torchlights lah, tapping rods lah, ladder lah. Me and Fausie seriously damn lepak. We came with only the form that Mr Jeffrey Teo gave us and a.. pen. (Actually, charger too lah to check electricity as per the lady at the SP services office!) AHAHAHAHAHA. You can go here for a more comprehensive list when checking your new flats for defects.

(Altho’ we found out later that we could have borrowed some of tools mentioned above from the Building Services Centre (BSC). OK NOW YOU ALL KNOWWWW! hahahahaha we slack ah)


Ok boss!

Our ID gave a heads up on what defects to look for and some of it were very minor but we requested to get it touched up anyway. We put masking tape to mark the defects physically for the workers doing the rectification works. Overall, we took over 2 hours to check the unit. We were quite thorough horrr even though we didn’t have the proper tools hyuhyukhyuk! 😛

Didn’t take alot of photo coz….. busy mah. 😛

Remember to take photos of the defects so you can compare the defects before and after. You can also use it as proof, in case of any disputes. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset


Make sure to check each and every one of the keys too. And lock the gate from inside and outside too coz’ of my neighbours couldn’t lock the gate from the outside. Faulty keys can also be changed. 

We couldn’t figure out how to open the water taps with the “key” that were provided to us (previous post : key in letter box, remember?) so we asked Bhaiya to help. Bhaiya was super helpful. Thank you Bhaiya.


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu Bhaiya!

And oh, important info! If you need some rectification works done, you need to unlock your door and gate and put a chain together with a number padlock. For obvious security reasons, the people at the BSC won’t accept your house keys so you gotta get that number padlock and give them the combination. Same goes for when you go to town council to appeal for your cement screeding. They will ask you for you for your number combination too. So yes, remember hor!

So after you’re done, go to the BSC and submit your report. And wait again lor.




What you should be filling in. 😀

Hahaha. Quite thankful our defects not that much also lah. Just hope it won’t take too long!

Now, we wait. 🙂


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