So after 5(?!) long years of waiting, we finally collected our danggggg keys yay!

So me being me, I ig-storied every thing hahhaa and I have a few DMs on what we need to do on the day itself. Since I didn’t want to copy paste to reply everybody, I decided to just write everything down here. (Actually got a few blogs who wrote about this but since you all like my nonsensical writing style, i’ll do it ahahahhaha! 😛 ) This one from my experience horrr.

This is gonna be a long post coz’ im gonna be very detailed. 😀

Ok, timeline first –

Applied – 21/12/2012

Flat booked – 4/3/2013

Signing of Agreement lease – 12/4/2013

Keys Collected – 14/12/2017 

Actually for us, the whole process was quite rojak hee.. We found out that some of our neighbours got a SMS saying their HLE (applied when signing the lease in 2013′) was approved. Some received emails. I didn’t receive anything so I just logged on to my HDB page and found that it was approved. I had to re-appeal for a larger loan because at that time .. you know just started work and all lah . But this process will take another blog post to elaborate so email me if you’re keen to know what I did.

Everything took about 1 week though’ to get the HLE approved for a higher amount. But was super duper excited coz’ some ppl say, after get HLE letter, the key will follow shortly after. THEY WERE RIGHTTT!


On the 1st of Dec, I got a SMS from HDB and an email followed shortly after to inform me of the appointment date to collect the keys.  Please don’t wait for THEIR physical hard copy of the appointment letter to come and print our yours from to bring on the day. (Coz’ till now the letter neh come. Don’t even know if they still send it out anymore heeh)

  • hdbemail.jpg

Happpy sia receive this. heheheheh.

Anyhooos, you’re gonna need that APPOINTMENT letter so print it! The appointment letter will also have info of the documents you need to bring and the  $$$ you gonna need to pay.

Some people was like saying that we need to go up and down to buy fire insurance, and pay conservancy charges and then open SP services account, and then get keys. 0_0 I googled and I found that I can buy the fire insurance online.

It’s a must to buy it from ETIQA. We just bought the basic one, $5.50 for 5 years that will insure the structure of your house. You can actually go to the website to see other options though. Remember to print out the certificate though, the HDB officer will want to see it. It’s quite hassle free tho’ when you get it online.

If you don’t want to buy online, just go to LEVEL 1 on the day of your key collection and find the Etiqa counter and purchase it there. (Buy online laah, easier.. 😛 )


Our appointment was at 9.15am but we arrived around 8.30am to settle our SP services account first. There is also an option to apply online at SP website but I wanted to ask them some questions so yea.  SP services counter is at Level 2. Take a Q number and wait lor. (Arrive abit early to settle all this hor. 🙂 )

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Good to note : The lady at our Building Service Centre (where we sent in our defects – i’ll write about this later!) said that some BTO unit already have electric and water supply but we have to register the account within 3 days or else they will shut it down. Or something like that hurrhurr.

It was quite fuss-free to open the account (they asked for appointment letter!) and there  were no payment made. The deposit will be charged in the first month’s bill. How much I don’t know, I went away from a little while and my sleepy Fausie didnt pay attention sigh.

Fausie did remember that they mentioned to open our letter box. They placed a “key” inside to turn on the water tap that’s located outside our house.

After that, went to LEVEL 1 and scan IC at Q-ticket kiosk and wait again, lor. 🙂


Fuss-free, I likeeeeeeeeeee!

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Cranky boy needs his breakfast. *roll eyes*

Finally, it’s our turn!

We got a very nice officer, Mr Jeffrey Teo who was very patient and smiley throughout the whole process. He even indulged us in our selfies and ig-stories requests. haahahhaah.

He will start by verifying all the documents; IC, marriage cert, Fire Insurance Cert, etc.

You will need your Singpass and 2FA so for some reason you don’t have, please go and settle that before going down because I don’t think they can continue if you don’t have your 2FA and then you have to book a later date to come, again!

There’s alot of legal document to sign, just sign lor. if never sign cannot get key wor hahaha!

After that comes the heart-pain part, the wiping out of our hard-earned CPF savings. Mr Jeffrey talked about the finances part and talk us through on how we’re going to pay. Ours is pretty straight-forward but if you and your partner is still not sure, you can get the officer to calculate the amount of years of loan you want to take, and interest. Just ask questions if you’re not sure. 


All theseeeeeeee paperwork. GASPSSSSSSSSSSS.

And oh, they will minus off the HPS premium first before wiping out your CPF.  (You have to be insured if you are taking HDB loan. The officer will calculate it for you. And the premium is per person, and not per house. HPS premium will be deducted from your CPF. You can find out more here. Please read, it’s really good information.)

Then log in with your Singpass, and bye bye CPF $$$ booohooooo.

Interesting to note tho’ – HDB will only start deducting your loan amount 2 months after you signed for your house so that we can have some $$$ in our account before they start deducting. I never knewwww!

Last step  before getting our keys –

We went to Level 3 cashier and paid our conservancy charge (We paid $59.50 by NETS) and then we took the invoice back to Mr. Jeffrey. It took less than 5 minutes so the poor man was quite shocked at our sudden arrival. HAHAHAHAHAHA



Thanks Mr. Jeffrey for your help! He was quite thorough in his hand-over and took us through all the legal documents and also what to do when checking for defects and when/where to submit the report.  The whole process from start till finish took about 1 hour. (This doesn’t include the time we took to open the SP services account horrr)


such a lovely man! 

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

And now we’re home-owners, Alhamdulillah.

Hope this info was useful! 🙂


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