This post is gonna come in handy for the men. Sooo listen up boys! Actually, FOR ALL LAHHH CAN! Girls, can buy for your friends or mummies also. ❤

And sooo,yesterday, I came home to a super sweet surprise. I had balloons, flowers and a sweet looking box (nope, not the blue one haha!) waiting for me. For a wild second, I thought Fausie prepared all these for me, but waittt… he no like giving me flowers that man. So nope, not him. Heh.

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Seee .. so sweeet right?! SORRY LIGHTING SUCKS.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to expect a delivery from @whimsicalglambox, an IG “shop” that does these sweet boxes of loveeee! It’s basically a surprise box of make-up that you can order to send to your partners/loved ones/bffs/mummies etc. You can even order it for yourself then when you receive it, you can open the individually wrapped items and oooh and aaah over it.
IT’S AWESOME LEH, RECEIVING PRESENTS. EVEN IF IT’S FOR YOURSELF HE HE HEEE…. You can’t choose the items, but but buttt that’s part of the charm of the Glam box. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get!

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NICE RIGHT! so many presents to unwrap. HEH.

But fret not, ALL the surprise items are avail on Sephora and/or originate directly from the U.S of A. (I’m still harbouring hope of going there someday boohoo.. err sorry sidetrack abit!)
The stuff are from brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Tarte, Colourpop, Kat Vot D and so on. Boys, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of any of these and are SUPER bewildered right now, I’m sure your partners are quite familiar with these brands. HAHA! (MY HUSBAND NOW KNOWS WHAT’S A PALETTE AND CONTOUR KIT. I AM SUCHA PROUD WIFE!)

And disclaimer! All items are authentic and brand new, this one I can vouch for it. 🙂

Ok, this is what i got..

So awesome right.. GOT TARTE. GOT BENEFIT.GOT COLOURPOP. GOT NYX. shiok you know. And nope, I didn’t choose any of this. Credits goes to the lady boss’s good taste. heh. P/s : Please excuse the nails.

Basically they have 2 kind of box for you to choose from;

Normal Whimsical Glam Box: $60
•Items in the box are worth $80 to $100
•About 2-4 items
Special Whimsical Glam Box: $110
• You definitely get a make up palette/brush set
•Items in the box are worth $130 to $150
•3-5 items
It’s super perfect to send as a gift and for those who’s on a budget but still wants to impress. Especially with the Christmas season around the corner, I’m sure you wanna get the most of out of your dollar.
Do check them out and give them your support. The ladyboss is sucha pleasant lady, which is a plus point for me. It just shows how sincere they are in managing their customers and business. She’s loved!( I love you Shasha!)
Soooo yes, boys and girls, before she gets swamped by orders.. (Please don’t be a last minute crazy shopper like me leh…) go and have a chat with her. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up ordering a box. 🙂
Happpy shopping peeps and HAPPPY WEEKEND!
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Pretty right my box! ❤

(Hmmm, now I wonder if I should order another box for myself…..:P)
Contact Details :
Instagram : Whimsical Glam Box
Whatsapp :  +65 90999455

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