JOSH & CHERIE, what lovely names.

As a pre-school educator, I always, always try my best to engage children in activities that doesn’t involve any form of technology. (Yesss, yesss, I am sometimes guilty of offering my iPad to my nephew. But hey, it’s choked full of educational games, I made sure of it. But yes it’s not right and I am minimising it alreaddddyyyy.. 😛 And that one, I’m being a doting auntie. Hee.)

Anyway, I don’t know about you but I grew up loving books. Of course, it helped greatly that we don’t have iPads and iPhones and all those fancy gadgets whilst growing up. But we did have Nitendo and Gamboy (non 90’s kids, please google.) but I preferred reading anyways so yea.  I remembered going to the library and burying my nose in my own world of fantasy for hours and hours. It was utter magic. 🙂

Nowadays, it’s so sad that I don’t see it that much. Children reading actual books. Even books are made into digital forms now. :/

That’s why I was so happy when I found out about Josh & Cherie. They’re a cool couple who started this really cool business called.. Josh & Cherie. ( Their names are actually Cheryl and Julius. They hope to name their kids Josh&Cherie when they have babies in the future.  AWWWW.) The husband and wife team started this business to cultivate in children (between 0-7 years old!) the joy and habit of reading books, rather than be distracted by gadgets, all the time. I’m sold!

You can read more about them HERE on their website. Basically, it’s like a every month thing where you have to subscribe to receive a Josh&Cherie parcel every month. (It’s auto renew for a year i think.)

As mentioned on their website, their books are curated and sourced from around the world. They’ll actually hand-pick and gift wrap a box of books (you’ll get to choose your child’s age group when you subscribe) and send it to your kids, well actually.. to you, and you’ll get to gift it to your kids! So it’s like receiving a gift of books every month! Brilliant! ((I wish they had these 20 years ago, I would have loveeeed receiving books and I’ll never get out of the house muauahahahha!)

Cheryl and Julius kindly gifted me a box for Syabil and Arissa (my two loves!) and I was impressed with the packaging. Each book were individually wrapped! And were more impressed with the books! Dang, even the kids were impressed and excited that they asked their mother to read to them on the spot. heh.


Excited to open the box!

 Opening up gifts!


Happy babies!


Such interesting picture books! (errr.. i couldn’t find the rotation button. heee.)

Bonding time between child and parent! ❤

The books were definitely more expensive than the monthly subscription rates! MAJOR WIN!
Do check them out and give them a try. Saves yourself the headache and a trip down to the bookstore.

Thanks again Cheryl and Julius for the gift of love, I wish you all the best in your business.<3

And oh ohhh ohhhhhhh, subscribe now before the 15th of August to enjoy 10% of your first month’s subscription! ( Please enter the code SGREADS16)


Enjoy this loves and I hope that this will, in Chery’s and Julius’s words,
“let your child fall in love reading, just like you did, just like we did.”

Contact Details :
Website : Josh & Cherie
Facebook : Josh & Cherie
Instagram : Josh & Cherie


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