JOSH & CHERIE, what lovely names.

As a pre-school educator, I always, always try my best to engage children in activities that doesn’t involve any form of technology. (Yesss, yesss, I am sometimes guilty of offering my iPad to my nephew. But hey, it’s choked full of educational games, I made sure of it. But yes it’s not right and I am minimising it alreaddddyyyy.. 😛 And that one, I’m being a doting auntie. Hee.)

Anyway, I don’t know about you but I grew up loving books. Of course, it helped greatly that we don’t have iPads and iPhones and all those fancy gadgets whilst growing up. But we did have Nitendo and Gamboy (non 90’s kids, please google.) but I preferred reading anyways so yea.  I remembered going to the library and burying my nose in my own world of fantasy for hours and hours. It was utter magic. 🙂

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So last week, the sweet of people over at Leia Iman (even the brand name is pretty kan!) sent me these non-black pieces. (Ya, all got brainwashed by my husband ordy… warrgh!)

And so I opened the package lahh, and boy was I impressed. They took such great care in packaging their products that even their tape had their brand-name. IMPRESSIVE OR WHAT. I tell you ah, in all my years of online shopping (oops! hehe), I nehhh encounter any online shops who have their own tape. YOU WIN AH LEIA IMAN.


Personalised clothing tissue paper


Personalised tape. Wow.

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