Got me some STUDIOFROST lovin..!

Thank you hot mamas of StudioFrost for sending over these pretty things! So hard for me to find clothes that actually erm, is long enough for me. Most times, it becomes singkat (erm, short?) when I put on my platforms. Booohooo. SOOO, these are GOD-SENT so yay!


Here’s me feelingmodeltakjadi. OMGGG i want to slap my own face. hahaha! ZZZ

Wearing the Maxi Cardi in Blue and in Size M.

I’m 1.68cm and my platforms is probably 4inches high? Heh.

And yeay, if you follow our IG(sorry i perasaan sikit that ppl follow my IG heeeee)our outfits for the 2nd weekend of raya was also from them!


Thanks awesome brother @zulkr9n for this. I don’t credit you enough.. HEEEE.

FullSizeRender-photo-full (2)

The steptaktengokcameralook.


FullSizeRender-photo-full (1)

Wearing DEVANSHI in Blue and in SIZE M.

Fausie is wearing DARIM in SIZE S (yea, he eats like an oink oink and still doesn’t gain weight. sighpie.)


STUDIOFROST IS HAVING A MASSIVE SALE! Yea, I went to check on a particular kaftan that I’ve been eye-ing and finally persuaded Fausie to buy, and my size is OOS. *Insert crying emoji*

So be quick k, the prices are reduced like nobody’s business!

Web : StudioFrost

IG : @studiofrost

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