Ok, sorry hor that I haven’t been updating my blog. Work’s been good but veryyyy busy. And when I reach home, all i wanna do is lepak on my bed and watch RunningMan. I don’t even want to look at my laptop.

Anyway, I finally got down to registering Fauzie’s car for that VEP thingy that is needed for entry in JB. He kept bugging me non-stop HOMG. And you know that man, anything that’s more than 3 steps, he won’t even want to think about it. -_-. Slacker.

I won’t lie.. i thought it was vair leceh but once you got all the details, it’s pretty much just entering all the details in, and you’re good to go. To JB, i mean. 😛

So basically, these are the info that you’ll need to go find beforehand so as to make your life more easier;

For personal details;
-Email address
-Passport number
-Passport expiry date
-Correspondence address (your address on IC lor. )
-Permanent address (I didn’t bother with this.)

For vehicle registration;
-Ownership date
-Vehicle number
-Vehicle type
-Chassis number
-Primary colour
-COE expiry date
-Year of manufacture
-Insurance company name
-Insurance policy number
-Insurance expiry date
-Road tax expiry date

Hokays,pening right? Dunno where you put your car registration log card and dunno where to get all the details right?! (YOU ALL SAME LIKE MY HUSBAND LEH!) Don’t fret, no worries ah!
Just go to OneMotoring website and follow these steps.

(And i’ll even provide photos of step by step instructions.In case you all go.. “whereee arr where siaaaaa!!” ……hmph. :P)


Please go and find that log in sign.


Log in with your singpass lor. Those who don’t have singpass, that one your pasal horrr.


And you’ll come to this page. Log in carefully! 3 times mistype password, it will lock your account and you’ll need to wait a few more days to get it reset.

4  5

Okays, go to Vehicle Hub and then click on Enquire vehicle details.. and tadaaaa, you will come to this magic page with all your details. Screenshot, copy, print, whatever is easier for you.



7  08

Please go to HERE and sign up for a new account with your email. Choose a password, and create your account and wait for the verification email from them, then you can log in. (ok, i can hear your annoyed tsk liaoz.. stay with meeeeeee!)


You’ll have to enter your personal details first before proceeding to the next step. Like I said, I didn’t put in anything for Permanent Address. (This one needs your passport details. Yes, amongst the information that you have prepared ordy, right?! :P)


After that, you can click on the Vehicles Part on the side bar. And click on new registration. (Pleaseee note again that you’ll have to fill in your personal details before you can come to this part.)


Pretty straightforward stuff till’ you come to this part. 


Ok, the personal details part should already be auto-filled. I omitted it coz’ I lazy to blur it out. And this needs your ownership date. When done, press next, and here’s come the bestest part. NOT.


Pandai-pandai hor you all go refer to your veh. details screenshot and fill in. And just to add, I did not upload any vehicle registration card. Think should be ok if the details are all filled in. Ok, done not? No, not finished yet. Now, go click on the Driver tab on the left bar. Go and register yourself, (passport number, passport expiry and driving license number which is basically your IC number. )or your wife or whoever you want to register ok? For me, I only needed to register Fauzie. I think there are tabs for you if you need to register additional drivers.


Andddddd… YOU’RE DONE! Easy right?! not really, i know. Once completed, they’ll send you an email with a confirmation slip which you’ll have to bring on the day you collect the VEP tag. (They say hor,,, details to be advised. ). So yeap, that’s that.

I hope you guys find this useful lar. It’s mostly for people like my husband who needs step by step instructions and will put it off till tomorrow never comes. 😛 (YOU OWE ME $50 YO!) and I apologise if there’s any mistake along the way. I only write what I did hor.

Ok bye!

P/s: Just saw this news about the VEP thingy. Thought I’d share. xx

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