Ok, sorry hor that I haven’t been updating my blog. Work’s been good but veryyyy busy. And when I reach home, all i wanna do is lepak on my bed and watch RunningMan. I don’t even want to look at my laptop.

Anyway, I finally got down to registering Fauzie’s car for that VEP thingy that is needed for entry in JB. He kept bugging me non-stop HOMG. And you know that man, anything that’s more than 3 steps, he won’t even want to think about it. -_-. Slacker.

I won’t lie.. i thought it was vair leceh but once you got all the details, it’s pretty much just entering all the details in, and you’re good to go. To JB, i mean. 😛

So basically, these are the info that you’ll need to go find beforehand so as to make your life more easier;

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