And tonight, a nation grieves.

The past few days have been emotional for me.

First, on finding out that an earthquake struck Sabah. The very place we were at exactly a week ago. We were thankful and blessed that we were back safe in our lil’ country.  However, at the same time, I felt a certain kind of pain for the people of Sabah, the wonderful and warm Sabahans. I grew fond of that place even though we were there only for a few days. It’s mostly coz of the people. We love them. They are so jolly and smiley all the time.

And then it hit deeper when news emerged that there were Singaporeans trapped in the mountain, majority of them children. My mind kept thinking, “they must be terrified and cold on that mountain.. and they must be missing their mum and dad. How are they gonna survive the cold,…” and I prayed and prayed for their safe return.

But, some of the little angels didn’t make it, along with their teacher and adventure guide. And the selfless mountain guides who put the lives of their guests first, instead of saving themselves. And kudos to those who worked tirelessly, despite the danger, to bring all the other climbers down to safety. You guys are the real heroes.

I don’t why but I kept tearing. It was hard not to cry reading the different news articles. Why, you ask? You’re not even related to them, you don’t even know them. I don’t know. Maybe coz’ I have a sister of the same age and I cannot imagine losing her the way victim’s families did. or maybe I am a fellow educator and I know how heartbroken I would be if I received news that my kids perished. Or maybe I am just human. Maybe I am just emotional. Maybe.

It was made harder by some brainless people on social medias who chose this time to voice out their senseless, baseless and idiotic opinions. Most of it not needed actually.

“Ban those excursions!”,”MOE should be responsible!”, “Why were they thinking, sending those young, innocent kids into the wild like that?”, “Wah, teachers must be happy going on paid excursions!”. Yup. All these.

I’m ashamed to call myself a Singaporean coz of these keyboard warriors, and armchair critics who love to play the blame game. It seems to be a favourite past-time of theirs. I’m not gonna go into a long tirade about these people actually underuse their brains.. and overuse their data limit by writing down their 2 cents worth of nothing nice. nope, I already did that on FB.  And I’m done.

If you can’t offer anything, at least offer kind words, coz sometimes all we need are those.

Tonight, it’s not about our selfish and petty opinions, tonight is about grieving. and mourning. Of lives lost. And the legacy they leave behind.

May their families find the strength to overcome this loss and sadness.

My sincerest condolences.

Goodbye angels. You will never be forgotten.KatongBouquets070615e


Picture credit: CNA



Photo credits : Amazing Borneo

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