Sabah – The two S-s; Silkair & Shangri-La.

So Sabah was an impromptu trip. It was decided and confirmed within a week. We didn’t have time to research the itinenary but we were  sooo very lucky to have Sabah Tourism board to help us out with that.

Right, so last Friday, we went lor. And actually am still here. it’s our last night booohooo! And ohh, by the way, all the guesses on my instagram post were so cute! I asked people to guess which country am I going to and my clue was that it will take about 2 and half hours to reach my destination by plane. And my fav answer was Cameron Highlands! SO CUTE RIGHT. hahhaah. Thanks for layan-ing me! xx

Anyway, it was my virgin SilkAir flight ..

and I was quite surprised that they don’t have individual monitor for IFE (In-flight-entertainment). They have this shared monitor in the middle, one for every few rows. Thought it was weird for me at first coz’ they played some comedy and erm it was silent. 0_0 BUT rightttt I found out right, that apparently they have this new thing called SilkAir Studio where you can connect to the in-flight wifi and you can access the IFE through your gadgets. (Laptop – Windows/Mac, Android and ios). OOOOHHH NO WONDER. so oklah can lah, actually quite neat. Whoever’s taking  SilkAir flights anytime soon, please gooo and try pls! I bet a number of you didn’t know right.  Fauzie got so hooked on it that he won’t even layan me. PPPFFFTTTT.


Seeeee… he wasnt even aware that he wasn’t supposed to eat ice-cream coz he batuk2! main bedal je. ZZZZZZ! and oh loook  Fakkah Fuzz, we were watching you! Hehee


I gave up and ended up writing my blog. Sigh.


The sunset was love. 

ANYWAY, we reached after 2 and half hours and were picked up by our super guide, Mary Ann and then taken to our resort.

Now, before I became a teacher, I worked for a few years at Rasa Sentosa Resort, Shangri-La and I am very well aware of the importance of showing the Shang hospitality to all our guests. Our service has to be nothing short of impeccable. I was aware yes, and I was ready for it. BUT upon arriving, I still managed to be in awe of their hospitality from the moment we checked in right till the minute we checked out. The people were all so warm and went out of their way to accommodate our requests. And if you’re saying it’s because of Fauzie, nope you’re wrong. We observed how they responded and assisted and treated the other guests the same way as well.

Special Mention :

Abdul Majid from Tatu Cafe for noticing Fauzie’s bad cough and almost immediately serving him honey lemon water. Thank you for that and for always taking the time to have  little chat swith us. We appreciate that. 🙂

Adnan and Arif from the same cafe who constantly checked on us to make sure we were comfortable.

Jello and Art from Concierge who went the extra mile and personally chauffeured us to the makan place that we wanted to try when we wanted to book a cab.

Nurul from Front Office for the warm welcome and checking us in, in the comfort of our sea-view room knowing that we were both knackered.

And thank you Claudina for everything. For arranging our accommodation, our food and for spoiling us with the SPA session. We hope to meet you next time.

Our only regret was that we were rushing around too much to take photos with all these wonderful human beings.  Again thank you for your service, all done, with a smile. That’s something that top hotel chains sorely lacked sometimes, service straight from the heart. Kudos, Shangri-La Tanjong Aru Resort. Thank you for all the love! Now, please enjoy the pictures of our awesome room. xx


Forgot to take a pic of the hugeeee bathtub! pffft!


Selfie. Just coz. heh.


No link actually. Just coz I love the smile on his face. 🙂 xx

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