Japan – Getting there

Yessss, finally…………… THE TIME HAS COME for the long awaited Japan trip. (BKK totally wiped out our, erm Fauzie’s pocket, but that’s for another post. HAHHH!) We didn’t want to compromise on comfort coz’ of Fauzie’s back and it was a 6 hours flight, so #SQ was the only way to go. And conveniently it was the cheapest full-serviced flight available on Cheaptickets.. so lucky us. 😛

We decided that in Japan, we didn’t want to take any cabs because it can be quite costly so we had to figure out the way from Narita International Airport to our apartment in Sangenjaya. Our host has provided us very precise instructions on how to get to her apartment so that made things pretty easy for us. Or so we thought.

After 6 loooong hours, we finally landed in the land of the rising sun! wooohooo. Digress abit, I had to pee and I didn’t know about the heated toilet seats so it was a super shiokness moment for me. HAHAHAHAHA. Jialat. so suaku.


Seee, even got the “flush” sound so cannot hear if you do a no.2! hehehehe

Another jakun moment was when Fauzie dragged me outside to “feel” the air and boy I was so EXCITED OK coz it was super cold. Then can put on my winter wear. HAHA. cheap thrills betul lah.

Ok, sorry for digressing. Following the instructions meticulously, we went to buy tickets from the counter for JR Narita Express (NEX) that will take us to Tokyo/Shibuya. Each ticket cost about 1500yen (roughly around 16sgd) The NEX trains leaves at specific time and seat numbers are usually assigned so just head to the cabin where your seats are located.


So us, being typical Singaporeans, we finished up our hot drinks quickly (it was hot lah siaaaaaa) before entering the train platform (so used to the NO EATING AND NO DRINKING RULE IN THE TRAINS) and was very surprised to see quite a number of people having drinks in their hands. There were also a KIOSK there. Just right there. Apparently, they allow eating and drinking in the train because the people spend most of their time commuting to and fro. APPARENTLY LAH. I DUNNO how true is it. But got chance it’s true. Tokyo alone is sooo huge.

Another fact that I was impressed with was that their trains and stations are clean lah. No litter at all. Once I even saw an old man bending to pick up rubbish that was obviously not his and put it in his pocket because there weren’t any rubbish bins nearby. SALUTE LAH ORANG JAPANG.

Anyhooos, unlike the KLIA, the express train’s wifi was chargeable so yea, cannot be anti-social. The trip took approximately 1hr and 15mins from Narita to Shibuya station. And from Shibuya to catch ANOTHER train on the Denentoshi line to our apartment in Sangenjaya. Phew.

Ok, here’s the thing. For families or travellers with young children or elderly or simply a lot of luggage, I don’t really recommend the train. Because it is going to be a super loooong walk from the NEX platform to Shibuya station and there are A LOT of commuters. (Imagine yoursellf struggling with your luggage, while keeping your eye on your children and trying to figure the correct way amidst a whole lot of people rushing in every possible directions. KAN?) Plus, there are some stations that are without elevators. Probably there was a shortcut we don’t know about, or there WERE elevators in every station but you know, just pointing the fact out.

In fact, on our last day, we only found out that there were elevators at the station which was near our apartment. It was still fresh in our mind, the horror of having to lug our luggage up the long flight of stairs and we don’t wish that experience on even our worst enemy. (drama abit, sorry. hahahaa).When we found that out on our last day, we were super “semangat” lah. Want to take the train all to Shibuya to catch the NEX. In the end, on our last day, we caved and took a cab to Shibuya station where a stony faced taxi driver took us straight to a new exit (Shibuya Shin Minami Guchi – New South exit) which will lead directly to the express train platform. That trip was around 2500 yen. (approx. 27 sgd) If we had taken the taxi to the airport from where our place, it will cost around 15,000 yen ( approx 162 sgd). Yep, that expensive. -_-

Our apartment was 2 minutes away from the Sangenjaya station which was very near Shibuya – 2 stations away via Local train service and 1 station away via the Express train service. (Shibuya- where all the connecting trains are at as well. Think City Hall. Mhmmm. Yes. )

Ok lemme explain about the express and local train service, as they call it. The express train service skips several stops so as to control the number of commuters so it would be wise for you to double check what trains you’re getting on. If the station you want to go to is not along the route of the express train, then don’t take lah hor. Wait for the normal one. There’s a electronic monitor that will show whether it’s an express train or not. So yeap, it is super super confusing lah the train service.

Anyway, I’m just writing down what I know. You can actually google to find out more about the train services and how you can buy a round trip ticket and all that, depending on your needs when you’re in Japan.



Crazy right??

Ok, about trains lines. I think I will write another post on that,yes? I feeeeel a headache coming already.

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