Yesh! I did it!


after like one whole month of procrastinating and putting off my dates with my blog, I did it.

Yes. I freakin did it. I converted my to and then to a .com. ALL BY MESELF! (actually nolah, GOOGLE.COM was my best friend. And I still don’t like you, DNS, HTML and all your coded friends. ) My brain somehow managed to figure out how to get around everything. HEHE. So, finally,

Welcome, read what you want and don’t judge ok? All that are written here are my personal opinions and has nothing to do with .. err anybody/anything/anyone lah. I am not a professional blogger and I use a lot of Singlish, because I just feel comfortable writing like that, so like I said, what and how I write has nothing to do with what I do for a living. 🙂 Capish? Capish.

So ok, I organised everything in little categories I think, (actually easier for me lah.)

Basically, for BLOG, all the posts go there so it’s easier for me see how much nonsense I have written. 😛

Soooo, if you want to read about the write up for our #flnh TRAVELS, you can just go ahead and click on that. So far, under that category, I have only the write up for Japan. (procrastinate somemore lahhhhh!)  InsyaAllah, when I have more time, I can do more write ups about the places I’ve visited. 🙂

And hor, if you don’t mind reading my random ramblings, you can go to MUSINGS at your own risk. hehh.

READS are where I put all the tips/articles that I find on the internet that can come in useful, whether for travelling or everything else lah.

And for LOVES since I’ve donned the hijab, alhamdulillah, the rezki kept pouring in and I would love to show my appreciation by putting their names/instashops here so yeap!

Anyway, feel free to leave me any comments, I welcome them. Seriously lah. Just don’t say, “Eh nurul, why so many many singlish.. cannot like that lah, you’re a pre-school educator you know..” can already. HAHA

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