Super excited to be working with the crazy and talented Shahreens for our lebaran this time round.

It kinda started when we went to his showroom to return Fauzie’s “lengantakader” suit that he wore for PESTA PERDANA (which I didn’t agree on at first, but changed my mind on cause he totally rocked it, that boy) .

Before you know it, our bajus were ready for the photoshoot. Giler lah! Fast game one you know! And I fell in love with every single one of them. Soooo sooo prettay lah the kain. And the best thing, his creations were very unique, it was unlike anything I’ve worn for raya sooo you’re damn right I was super stoked! It was so worth getting outta bed Sunday morning for. HEH. And oh, don’t forget the scorching sun too. -_-. In all, it was best giler lah, fuss-free and awesome although I was sweating bullets under my snoods. HAH!

Anyway, I’ve posted some of these photos on IG but i figured it won’t hurt to put it here again lah. heh.



Thanks again big boss Shah for being so efficient! We really enjoyed working with you and we’re looking forward to more collaboration with you, InsyaAllah. Can’t wait to see what he draw out of his magical hat for our baju raya this year! You guys can go to his IG @shahwalbyshahreens to check out the different designs and prints. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Seriously. Tak bedek one.

Can’t wait to see you guys in your #shahwalbyshahreens for #lebaran2015! Eh wait, before that.. you all have to make appointment first hor!

Email shahwalbyshahreens@gmail.com or call 90884811 by 31st May 2015 ok? Don’t wait till last minute like what I usually do hor, no good. hehehe.

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