Sabah – The two S-s; Silkair & Shangri-La.

So Sabah was an impromptu trip. It was decided and confirmed within a week. We didn’t have time to research the itinenary but we were  sooo very lucky to have Sabah Tourism board to help us out with that.

Right, so last Friday, we went lor. And actually am still here. it’s our last night booohooo! And ohh, by the way, all the guesses on my instagram post were so cute! I asked people to guess which country am I going to and my clue was that it will take about 2 and half hours to reach my destination by plane. And my fav answer was Cameron Highlands! SO CUTE RIGHT. hahhaah. Thanks for layan-ing me! xx

Anyway, it was my virgin SilkAir flight ..

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#flnh goes to …

So we’re off for a short break tomorrow. Long weekend mah so must make full use of it lor. And it’s also .. sobssobss… the last week of my freedom. HAHHHAA. Actually, I’m more than ready to get back to work. I miss working with children. And i miss having my own money. (woi. not that my husband neh gimme lah. It’s just that it’s different when it’s your own money.. kan kan kaaaan ladies?!) So yea, will update where we will be heading to tomorrow.  And oh! I seriously enjoyed the answers I got on my IG when I asked them to guess where I was going. So cute lah you all.

Ok, tomorrow then!

*it’s 2am and I still haven’t packed a single thing. Oooops.

What to do with the kiddos during the June Hols?!

Came across this blog – click link (the blog is pretty cool eh!)  and thought that the blog provided quite a comprehensive list of activities for the kids for this June holidays. So if you’re worrying about what to do (pleaseee don’t let them be on electronic devices the whole day please…….), doooo check it out to get some ideas k?

Will probably add to this post if I come across more blogs.


Japan – Getting there

Yessss, finally…………… THE TIME HAS COME for the long awaited Japan trip. (BKK totally wiped out our, erm Fauzie’s pocket, but that’s for another post. HAHHH!) We didn’t want to compromise on comfort coz’ of Fauzie’s back and it was a 6 hours flight, so #SQ was the only way to go. And conveniently it was the cheapest full-serviced flight available on Cheaptickets.. so lucky us. 😛

We decided that in Japan, we didn’t want to take any cabs because it can be quite costly so we had to figure out the way from Narita International Airport to our apartment in Sangenjaya. Our host has provided us very precise instructions on how to get to her apartment so that made things pretty easy for us. Or so we thought.

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Yesh! I did it!


after like one whole month of procrastinating and putting off my dates with my blog, I did it.

Yes. I freakin did it. I converted my to and then to a .com. ALL BY MESELF! (actually nolah, GOOGLE.COM was my best friend. And I still don’t like you, DNS, HTML and all your coded friends. ) My brain somehow managed to figure out how to get around everything. HEHE. So, finally,

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Super excited to be working with the crazy and talented Shahreens for our lebaran this time round.

It kinda started when we went to his showroom to return Fauzie’s “lengantakader” suit that he wore for PESTA PERDANA (which I didn’t agree on at first, but changed my mind on cause he totally rocked it, that boy) .

Before you know it, our bajus were ready for the photoshoot. Giler lah! Fast game one you know! And I fell in love with every single one of them. Soooo sooo prettay lah the kain. And the best thing, his creations were very unique, it was unlike anything I’ve worn for raya sooo you’re damn right I was super stoked! It was so worth getting outta bed Sunday morning for. HEH. And oh, don’t forget the scorching sun too. -_-. In all, it was best giler lah, fuss-free and awesome although I was sweating bullets under my snoods. HAH!

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