Japan – Before the trip

So I’ve had a few emails asking me for my itinerary for Japan. Soooo, thus this post. First. Coz’ Mr.F won’t remember and he won’t want to write. I’m very sure of it. -_-

So let’s see.. where do I start?

Flights, right.
Actually we didn’t really plan to go Japan. He wanted to go to Maldives but apparently February in Maldives is super peak period, period and it will cost about 7k for 4 days 3 nights. Wahlao.. no way was I going to let him spend him money like that. He was really persistent you know, his justification was that, he wanted to visit the island before it sinks. Hokaaay hubs.

Anyway, we already planned for BKK (who else pronounced this as Bangkok-kok when they see this abbrev? No? I’m the weird one then..)  for the week before so I randomly suggested Japan and the man agreed lah!
On the spot, before he can change his mind.. I went to Cheaptickets and booked it! Weeeeheee.
Now, some of you may have different sites that you used to compare flight tickets. But for me, Cheaptickets was good for me so whatever works for you guys lah ok.

I was so excited when I checked the temperature forecast for week that we are going..
Can drop to freaking 2DegCel. I was jumping up and down with joy (jakun mah, never go cold country before..) until I realised that we have no winter clothes. Then hubs reminded me that we are going to BKK and we can buy some there. Set!

Ok, so hubs was in charge of itinerary and I was supposed to settle accommodation. My most favourite part actually, though I always whined and complained about it. Heh.
I have already booked accomodation from AirBnb for the BKK trip and I wanted to do the same for Japan.

For those who are not familiar with AirBnb, basically it’s like you are paying to sleep at other people’s houses. It’s like renting rooms/houses at another country. But believe me, some of the houses are really so pretty and cheap. One of the FAQ that I always received was.. ,”Can trust meh?”,”You sure this is legit?” when I enthusiastically recommend the service of AirBnb to them.
Of course lahhh you can’t blindly go in and just book any houses you see,  you have to filter and sift through reviews before deciding on which ones to stay at.

(Just recently though, I saw a FB post about a group of girls who went to Bali and booked AirBnB accommodation and got their room ransacked and all their money stolen. It was lucky that the girls were not at home when it happened. And it didn’t help that the owners were a bit on the asshole-ish side. Luckily, the good people at AirBnB refunded them right away so they could find another place to stay. PHEW.)

Sooooo anyway, some of the factors I looked at (with the help of previous guest’s reviews- which reallly realllly helps!) before finally deciding was

– WiFi (obviously)
-cable TV (this one not my requirement.. Guess who’s?)
-bath towels etc

so this was our AirBnB room in Japan. All photos were  taken from our host’s AirBnb page. We forgot to take pictures ourselves, sighhh. but lucky us, our accomodation was close enough to the pictures. Only the space was a teeenyyy bit smaller. The photographer was good with angles. 😛

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.47.33 pm The room was pretty comfy, just that when our 2 luggage were opened, we had little space to move around.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.03.53 pmSee what I mean? 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.48.22 pm

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.48.35 pm

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.48.45 pm This little space is where we prayed. Just nice for 1 person at a time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.48.55 pm

OOOOH! I love the toilet. So clean and the toilet bowl can be heated one. Syiokness!Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.49.07 pm Yep, after a loooong day of shopping, there’s nothing like soaking your feet ( or body also can lah) in this tub. And yup, you guessed it right, One person at a time. No cannot have sexy time in this bath tub, too cramped! HAHA!

And like I keep saying, over and over again. it looks quite spacious but actually not really lah. Space is a luxury in Japan so the rooms/houses there are about the same. Well, no unless you stay in very atas hotel. Which, for us, nothankswe’reokwithourlittlecutespace. It was near the train which was really convenient to get around and to all the little family marts so you can walk down for those little hot drinks during the cold nights.(Will talk about the train station in the next few posts!)

For this room, I think it was about 70 or 80 per night and it came with a neat portable wifi that can came in super handy for us. It was a mere 2 mins walk from the metro and it has a few 24 hours mini-marts around the area. The neighbourhood was very charming with little cafes and eating spots and shops that you can explore.

Yuka(our host) was super nice and was very efficient in answering our queries.You can check her out if you want, although I would advise you to look around a bit more before making your decision.

So yeap, for those of you who doesn’t mind not having hotel service, go check out AirBnB ok? You can even create little lists for places that you have favourited for easy reference later.

Ok, that’s it for this.

*have linked AirBnB and Yuka’s page for you guys!


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