Japan – Preparing the intinenary

 So we booked 6 nights 7 days trip to Japan without knowing whether it was enough or not. We just jumped into it, like oklah, let’s book 7 days coz’ next day I need to work. LOL.

 So we try to make do with our 7 days. We.. or rather Fauzie researched like crazy. HEH.

We looked up websites, Traveladvisor, asked our friends who have been there – namely Azzah and Kak Sharon and some of Fauzie’s friend.  (they gave wonderful suggestions!)

I also asked via my Instagram and these are the answers we got (thanks ladies! so much love..! :))

@Lumpetylump – Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea

@Iamwendy aka Mrs Frazak – Shopping at Harajuku/Hakone for the Onsen Hotel/Fuji-Kyu at Mt Fuji Area

@Marrmarinah – Kyoto for the Arashiyama, shrines and bamboo grove walk/Hakone for Lake Ashi

@bling2yan Disneyland/Thunder Dolphin Rollercoaster at Tokyo Dome/Hakone for the hotspring/Yokohama

And for every place we shortlisted, we did some more research on them to see if it’s worth going.It can get very tiring and repetitive at times but I dunnolah, I somehow feel like that’s the best part of planning the whole trip, no? 🙂

My husband has his own research and he added it in together with other suggestions.

3.// Preparing the intinenary

(My husband don’t really believe in writing, his handphone is his everything. And he doesn’t even back it up. Sigh.)

Kak Sharon (ermm as in DSP Soh in COL. heeee) recommended going to Yokohama coz’ we can make our own instant noodles there! I was sooo excited but Boss say cannot because no time and too far. Haiyaaaa bossss ar.

In the end, we came to a conclusion.. 7 days was not enough to do everything. Like real only, confident only we thought 7 days can cover alot of things. Sobs.

So we came to a conclusion and locked down a few confirmed places to go.

1) Shibuya

2) Mt Fuji

3) Tokyo Disneysea or Disneyland

4) Tsukiji market


Ok now, come read my next post to see if we managed to achieve all that hor ok?

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Japan – Before the trip

So I’ve had a few emails asking me for my itinerary for Japan. Soooo, thus this post. First. Coz’ Mr.F won’t remember and he won’t want to write. I’m very sure of it. -_-

So let’s see.. where do I start?

Flights, right.
Actually we didn’t really plan to go Japan. He wanted to go to Maldives but apparently February in Maldives is super peak period, period and it will cost about 7k for 4 days 3 nights. Wahlao.. no way was I going to let him spend him money like that. He was really persistent you know, his justification was that, he wanted to visit the island before it sinks. Hokaaay hubs.

Anyway, we already planned for BKK (who else pronounced this as Bangkok-kok when they see this abbrev? No? I’m the weird one then..)  for the week before so I randomly suggested Japan and the man agreed lah!
On the spot, before he can change his mind.. I went to Cheaptickets and booked it! Weeeeheee.
Now, some of you may have different sites that you used to compare flight tickets. But for me, Cheaptickets was good for me so whatever works for you guys lah ok.

I was so excited when I checked the temperature forecast for week that we are going..
Can drop to freaking 2DegCel. I was jumping up and down with joy (jakun mah, never go cold country before..) until I realised that we have no winter clothes. Then hubs reminded me that we are going to BKK and we can buy some there. Set!

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HOMG. I am going crazy tryna sort out this blog. WARGHH. I seriously hate htmls. Nehmind. I am going to do this. and until I figure out this wizardry I call html and dns or whatver, I am NOT going to open my blog. I am going crazy. HELPCH. OKAY, nehmindddd, I will do my write up on Japan first! YESSSSIR I WILL.

Let’s start.


I have decided to open (actually re-opened) my blog.

It has been 2 months since I have been unemployed (hahhh!) so.. whilst waiting for people to call me for interviews and waiting hand and foot on my husband, I have decided on this! (Yay to the procrastinator in me!)

So. Live and Love.love

I thought hard lah, on my blog name. I’ve had a few blogs in the past, and alllll of them have some sort of “love” in them so I wanted to continue the tradition lah. What only.

Anyway, please bear with me as I pen down my thoughts and my random musings which usually happens around 3am. HAH!  Annnnd also, since there’s a few of you who’s curious to know about our past travels, #FNhols. about what we did, where we stayed and all.. I’ll try write about all that okay?

And InsyaAllah, for future travels as well. Hee. 🙂

Now I’m wondering.. which #FNhols should I write about first? (Not that there’s a alot lah.. but sharing is caring mah? No? HEh. Hopefully along the way, I can get some contributors who would love to share their experiences on THEIR travels as well.

Till then.